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Meet Your Maker Is an FPS from Dead by Daylight Dev Where You Raid User-Made Levels

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive revealed Meet Your Maker, a post-apocalyptic building & raiding FPS game for PC & consoles.

During Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive’s Behaviour Beyond 2022 presentation, the studio revealed Meet Your Maker, a “post-apocalyptic building and raiding game” coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S in 2023. This bloody FPS isn’t quite as horrifying as the studio’s previous asymmetric multiplayer experience, but it finds an identity of its own by putting players in user-generated levels that are specifically designed to kill.

There are two roles to play: the builder and the raider. Playing as the maze-building mastermind means you’ll be constructing your ideal trap-filled murder towers. Making your outposts as deadly as possible is the goal, as raiders are tasked with infiltrating the outposts and, well, not dying as they retrieve precious resources. It’s a novel idea with cutthroat execution, and you can take a look at it in the Meet Your Maker reveal trailer below.

The PlayStation.Blog offers up additional information on Meet Your Maker, saying that the game features a “rich mythology waiting to be discovered.” Its events take place in a resource-hungry world that was ravaged by a genetic disease hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile, the Chimera Project program aims to alleviate the disease’s effects on humanity, but gathering the uncorrupted genetic material necessary to complete the project is next to impossible. It’s this same resource that players will need to defend or steal in Meet Your Maker.

“The scarcity of genetic material really drives the two sides of the game in Meet Your Maker,” Creative Director Ash Pannell explained. “Making the building blocks of life the driving narrative concept helps to raise the stakes. It allows us to create gameplay themes that are morally grey, asking the question, ‘What is humanity? The physical stuff we’re made out of – or something more?’”

In-between raids and building sessions, there is Sanctuary, Meet Your Maker‘s hub world. Players can use the space to progress by unlocking traps, guards, suits, weapons, perks, and bits of lore. Just as with Dead by Daylight, Behaviour is interested in expanding its next game with more content over time.

“Though a lot is still in the planning phase, we’ll be looking at ways that players can actively seek out lore and uncover new – and sometimes shocking – information about the world and characters they interact with,” said Lead Narrative Designer Joe Dermo.

Meet Your Maker is currently set to launch sometime next year. For a better look at both Behaviour Beyond 2022 and Meet Your Maker, you can watch the full presentation or an overview trailer below.

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