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Dating Sim Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You Invites Players to Date Killers

dating sim Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You Behaviour Interactive Psyop PC Steam summer 2022 release date

The Dead by Daylight series is still going strong, six years after its release. Crossovers with other established horror IPs have certainly helped in that regard. However, up until now gamers have only had the option of playing as either a Survivor trying to escape terror or a Killer trying to murder said Survivors. What about those players who want to date these grotesque monsters instead? Developer Behaviour Interactive has just the spinoff title for what ails you: the dating sim Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You.

Players will have the opportunity to date or befriend the Trapper, Huntress, Wraith, and Spirit Killers. The title is going for a beach motif, so expect your favorite enemies to don bathing suits and sandals. Also, Behaviour Interactive pulled in some outside help in the form of developer Psyop. You might remember it as being the genius behind I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Gameplay-wise, Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You will have you playing as a silent protagonist so you can project your own personality on to them. Behaviour Interactive also indicated it would be down for expansions that add even more Killers to be dated, should gamers support such a thing. Personally, I’d love to see them get past copyright issues so I can smooch Ghost Face and Pyramid Head by the water. If not, I’ll settle for a romantic stroll with the Trickster or the Artist.

Look for dating sim Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You to launch on Steam this summer.

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