Mega Man 10 Trailer Gives Robot Masters Swine Man Flu


The robots in Mega Man 10 may be calling their disease “Roboenza,” but let’s all be honest here for a moment: We know what they really have.

So in case you were rolling your eyes at the announcement of another retro-style Mega Man, wondering just how Dr. Wily would be up to no good this time, you might want to stop and wait a moment, because the villain this time isn’t Dr. Wily at all! No, judging by the trailer, the villain is an apathetic computer virus called “Roboenza,” which makes robots shut down – and then makes them turn evil and run amok.

So it looks like there won’t be any Dr. Wily at all, for once! Yep, no Dr. Wily here – just a natural, harmless little freak-of-nature disease that’s sunk its chops into Mega Man’s sister Roll.

Oh, I can’t keep that up: Of course it’s Dr. Wily’s plan. It’s always Dr. Wily’s plan! But the trailer shows some of the new enemies and stages in Mega Man 10 that will be out to kill the Blue Bomber dead, from a sand level and a fire level to something that looks very computer-y. It also shows off the game’s music, which (in keeping with what we know of the series) should be catchy as all hell.

If you watch to the very end, you’ll also catch a glimpse of the game’s Easy Mode. And when they say Easy Mode, they’re not kidding. Wow – Mega Man should feel almost insulted.

(Via Joystiq)

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