Mega Man 10‘s Easy Mode Won’t Be That Easy


Are you worried that Mega Man 10‘s optional Easy Mode will put the Blue Bomber to shame as he strolls through a bland, danger-less hazard world free of enemy robots or spike-filled deaths? Don’t be.

No, this video isn’t the actual game’s Easy Mode.

When we first learned that Capcom’s second retro-inspired Mega Man downloadable game would not only be infecting the Robot Masters with Swine Flu but adding an optional “Easy Mode” that bricked over some of the game’s insta-kill spikes, some decried the move. Wasn’t this the whole antithesis of what the brutally-difficult Mega Man games were about?

Well, don’t worry. Despite the fan-mockup Easy Mode seen above (a creation of webcomic Dueling Analogs) which makes the whole thing seem a bit ridiculous, Capcom’s JGonzo posted some reassurances on the Capcom Unity Blog, quoting a longtime Mega Man veteran for proof:

I was also allowed to play through the stage in Easy Mode (which, I’ll pitifully admit, was the only way I could beat the last goal post enemy). Enemy placement differs somewhat here and they move slower and take less damage. The goal post enemy only used its fists in this mode. I was able to easily breeze through the stage in Easy Mode, and I can definitely see it allowing people less familiar with Mega Man games to easily get used to the gameplay.

But Mr. Dueling Analogs claims that the inclusion of the feature won’t draw anyone to the 23-year-old franchise, and that it might tempt people who would otherwise stick with the title’s punishing difficulty to the end to take the easy road out.

Do you agree or disagree, folks? Is the inclusion of an Easy Mode in Mega Man 10 convenient, or is it blasphemy?

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