A young man has set out to defeat Mega Man 2 using not a controller, but a dance pad.

If you haven’t heard of Nick Hagman, he’s been achieving a certain amount of notoriety for beating NES games using only a dance pad. After taking on Castlevania and Super Mario Bros., and coming out victorious, he’s set his sights on Mega Man 2.

Hagman is defeating Mega Man 2‘s bosses one at a time using passwords. Considering the method being used, I can forgive that he’s not completing the game in a single run. He most recently downed Bubble Man easily as of press time (see accompanying video). Mega Man 2 is known for being a pretty challenging game, but when a kid can beat it using his feet, it sort of puts things in a new light.

Whether you love or hate Hagman’s unique sense of humor, watching him play these games using a dance pad is entertaining. Seeing hand motions translated into quick, jerky foot motions always makes me laugh internally (but not out loud). I always found it hard to shoot the weakness of the angler fish robots normally, so this guy doing it with a dance pad is something else. He’s already bagged Air Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, and Metal Man. Don’t expect Hagman to falter at finishing off the rest of the Mega Man 2 bosses over the next week or so.

What game will he tackle next? I vote for Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (Mike Tyson version).

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