Capcom is bringing leveling-up to Mega Man with a new MMORPG.

In April, Capcom trademarked Mega Man Universe and most people guessed that the title was for an MMOG starring said Man. Today it looks like this will officially be the case, as Capcom has announced Mega Man Online for Japan, though it hasn’t been announced for other regions yet.

Mega Man Online sadly won’t be a 3D World of Warcraft style game starring Mega Man, and will be a 2D side-scrolling action-RPG similar to games like Maple Story instead. The combat system hasn’t really been explained, though I’m sure some mega-busting will occur and that there will be at least one pit to fall in for an immediate death.

The only revealed RPG element is that players will strengthen their characters over time. Mega Man and Zero are confirmed characters, though it’s expected that the usual suspects such as Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Rush, Roll, and that little pain-in-the-ass hard-hat monster will make appearances as well.

In one of the game’s first pieces of artwork, we see an evil-looking robotic construction with a gem in its forehead that is just ripe for shooting. Perhaps this will be Mega Man Online‘s nemesis. If a mustachioed man doesn’t emerge from it, I’ll eat my blue helmet.

More details will hopefully be incoming, because the idea of Mega Man adding RPG elements but retaining the 2D look is quite intriguing. Let’s hope Mega Man Online won’t simply swap sprites with the other 2D MMOGs out there already, and will bring something new to the table.

Via: Andriasang

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