Everybody’s favorite Capcom character is going back to the 80’s to frag as many noobs as possible.

The public alpha has been released for Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, a Doom II mod that pits multiple blue bombers against each other in a multiplayer fragfest. The mod’s designer, Mike Hill, says it can be played in any game mode, but will be specifically designed for deathmatch.

Hill is going for an accurate representation of the original 8-bit Mega Man in his mod, with every sprite, texture, item, and weapon faithfully recreated. Players will of course be equipped with an unlimited-ammo Mega Buster at all times, while boss weapons scattered across each level can also be picked up; but only one at a time. Some of the currently included weapons are the Bubble Lead (Bubble Man), Napalm Bomb (Napalm Man), and Leaf Shield (Wood Man). The deathmatches occur in levels inspired by the series’ bosses as well. Eventually, Hill would like to include all the weapons and levels from Mega Man 1-6, and possibly 9, but that could take a while.

The final version of Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch is expected in 2010, with the current alpha version available for download from Hill’s Website. The mod requires ownership of Doom II, and a little bit of work, but Hill provides instructions to get it to run. Keep in mind, it is still in an unfinished state. While there are many Doom II mods out there, the way Hill is giving everything the classic 8-bit touch makes this one very attractive to me.

(Via: TinyCartridge)

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