Capcom’s much-snubbed little blue hero is finally getting another game release, but it’s not quite the big release fans keep hoping for.

Contrary to appearances, Capcom claims it still loves Mega Man and that he’s part of a “key brand.” Even though Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled, he’s still getting a game (sort of) released this year: Mega Man X is about to launch for iPhones in Japan.

Japanese magazine Famitsu got to check out the game, though, and it’s not quite a direct port of the beloved SNES title:

The site says that the iOS version is based off the current feature phone version of the game. In addition to touch panel support, it adds GameCenter support for a ranking mode. You’ll find 80 challenges for showing off your (touch screen) Mega Man skills to the rest of the world.

Mega Man X is due to be released sometime this month on the Japanese App Store. No word, though, on whether it’ll be released in the West.

Source: Andriasang

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