Mehrunes’ Razor Comes to Murderous Life


Master propsmith Bill Doran has turned his considerable talents to an infamous Skyrim weapon that could actually kill you.

Bill Doran of PunishedProps is a pretty talented guy. The N7 pistol he unveiled back in December 2011 was a gorgeous piece of work despite being constructed almost entirely out of scraps he had lying around, but as awesomely deadly as it looks it’s not actually a particularly useful tool for killing people. To correct this unfortunate shortcoming Doran’s next project comes from the world of Tamriel, where the efficacy of a weapon is dependent primarily on how pointy it is.

Behold Mehrunes’ Razor, a powerful artifact of the fearsome Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, brought to life in all its viciously evil glory. The blade and hilt are constructed from layers of foam PVC, the handle is plastic resin that was poured into a toilet paper roll and then turned on a lathe, and the pommel is also plastic with an Oblivion symbol shaped out of Magic Sculpt. Some detail work, a little bit of airbrushing and hand-painting to tie it all together, and murder awaits!

Because seriously, you could mess somebody up with this. The N7 gun would probably just break if you cracked somebody over the head with it, but this thing looks like it has the power of a thousand sharpened toothbrushes in the prison yard. Nicely done, Bill!

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