Taylor Davis’s Melodies of Hyrule features 16 classic Zelda songs revamped for only $9.99.

The Legend of Zelda is a series with an arguably unmatched ability to tug on the nostalgia strings of its fans, something evidenced very well by its most recent addition, A Link Between Worlds. Honestly though, it doesn’t take an entire game filled with retro tributes to get fans in a mood for some dungeon delving. Often, a little bit of music is more than enough to do the trick.

The Zelda games, after all, have played host to some of the most beloved and endearing music the game industry has ever produced. Perhaps hoping to tap into that greatness herself, musician Taylor Davis recently released Melodies of Hyrule, an album of violin covers focused solely on the Zelda franchise. The album contains 16 tracks in total with more than a fair portion of that number hailing from Ocarina of Time.

To help promote Melodies Davis has also recently put out a music video showcasing her paired up renditions of the Song of Time and Song of Storms. The music sounds great and the video is fun so we definitely suggest giving it a watch. In turn, if it strikes your fancy you can check out Melodies of Hyrule on iTunes where Davis also has two other gaming-centric albums: Gaming Fantasy and Game On: 2 Player Mode. Melodies of Hyrule purchased in full for $9.99.

Source: YouTube

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