Mercenary Feature Coming to World of Warcraft

WoW Mercenary News

Fight for the enemy and skip the line.

Blizzard will be introducing a new way to help ease the pain of sitting in a long queue for World of Warcraft PvP action. A future update will include a new “Mercenary” feature, which allows players to temporarily join the opposing faction for a battle.

As explained in a post on, players who experience lengthy waits to enter Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds will observe enemy agents within their base. Interacting with them will allow the player to disguise themselves as a member of the opposing faction and fight as one of them for the session.

The character’s race is automatically switched to one appropriate to their temporary faction. Players will still earn the same rewards as if they had played a regular round of PvP (excluding any faction-specific achievements) but won’t have to wait as long to get their combat fix.

With wait times to enter Ashran and acquire its glorious level 100 loot often exceeding an hour, the new feature should be a welcome one. It’s uncertain when the option to be a mercenary will be added to the the game, but Blizzard has stated that testing will begin on public test servers soon.


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