Metal Band Spills the Beans on Saints Row PSP


Saints Row is coming to PSP. Wait, you didn’t know that? You clearly aren’t reading the newsletter for Swedish prog metal band Opeth.

Well this is one of the more obscure ways for info about the existence of a game to leak that I’ve seen in at least a month. Popular Swedish progressive metal band Opeth (any fans here?) spilled the beans on their official site about a Saints Row game on the PSP by dishing about how their song “The Lotus Eater[/a]” is in the game.

“We may not like playing video games all that much but we do like it when our music is featured on them,” the band declared with unabashed smugness yesterday. “Makes us a bit proud even when it’s a game as big as Saints Row for the PSP and even prouder when the nice developer people show excellent taste by picking ‘The Lotus Eater’ for it.”

Opeth isn’t the only metal-related source of confirmation for Saints Row PSP, either. As Shacknews sniffed out, metal music publisher Magic Arts Publishing lists “Saints Row PSP” as one of their licensees. Magic Arts Publishing’s song “The Agony Scene” was apparently in Saints Row 2.

So, Saints Row on PSP. Open-world games do work on the console, as Grand Theft Auto Vice/Liberty City Stories proved, and more Saints Row should be a good thing. According to Opeth, the game will be released around March next year. Can’t wait to drive septic tank trunks and toss old people off rooftops to a soundtrack of eight-minute-plus-long prog metal epics.

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