Metro 2033 movie from Dmitry Glukhovsky for 2022

Metro 2033 is getting a feature film based off of author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s nuclear franchise.

Glukhovsky announced the film during a livestream that was posted earlier this morning. translated and reported the news for English-speaking fans shortly after the stream aired.

The author confirmed that he will work as a consultant with the film’s creators, and he has already spoken with a scriptwriter. Three “big movie companies” are involved with the movie, though which ones exactly have not been specified.

The film plans to revisit locations that are “well-known for fans.” Glukhovsky would prefer to cast less established actors but mentioned apparently jokingly that he’d like to see Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049) as the female lead. In any case, he is not anticipating an R rating for the movie.

A Metro 2033 movie has seemingly been in the works for some time now, but the journey to a formal announcement has been tumultuous. A potential deal with MGM fell through after Glukhovsky rejected their desire to set the movie in Washington D.C. Another script emerged with a Moscow setting, but Glukhovsky again was dissatisfied with it.

The Metro franchise began as a Russian post-apocalyptic book series in 2002 with Metro 2033, and sequels followed. The series started to pick up traction and eventually spawned a video game titled after the franchise’s first book, with two more games — Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus — released later on.

Most recently, Metro Exodus released to positive reviews earlier this year and is currently in the middle of its DLC cycle. The beginning of this week saw the debut trailer for Metro Exodus’s first story DLC, The Two Colonels. Publisher THQ Nordic also recently revealed that it is planning for a new Metro title.

The Metro 2033 film is planned to hit theaters Jan. 1, 2022, with filming scheduled to begin sometime next year.


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