Metro: Last Light Chronicles Pack DLC Launches Today

The Chronicles Pack, the final DLC release for Metro: Last Light, is now available.

The last piece of the Metro: Last Light puzzle has fallen into place with today’s release of the Chronicles Pack, an add-on that follows the adventures of three of the game’s memorable supporting characters. As the sniper Anna, you’ll try (and fail) to rescue Artyom from the Reich; as the Red Line stalwart Pavel you’ll cheerfully attempt to break out of the bandit lair beneath Venice; and as the mysterious Khan, you’ll travel with Ulman through the haunted tunnels of Polyanka in a journey that reveals a dark secret from his past.

In a blog post coinciding with the release of the Chronicles Pack, 4A Games said it opted not to make all the Metro: Last Light DLC story-based because it wanted the main game “to be a complete, self-contained experience – we didn’t want players to feel like they had to purchase the DLC to get the complete story.”

“Instead, we used the DLC as an opportunity to experiment with some new concepts and ideas, such as the non-linear exploration of the ‘Kshatriya’ mission from the Faction Pack, the light puzzle based gameplay of the Spider’s Lair or the pure combat-oriented score attack gameplay from the Tower Pack. We’ve paid close heed to all your feedback – we know that Kshatriya and the Spider’s Lair were the highlights, and although some people loved the Tower Pack we realize that it perhaps wasn’t what fans expected,” the studio wrote. “So we’re crossing our fingers that the Chronicles Pack answers the biggest request – for more narrative, story driven missions.”

The studio also teased, just a little bit, the future of the Metro franchise, which will apparently (and unsurprisingly) continue. “We’ll leave you with one final thought – Metro: Last Light picked up from the ‘canon’ ending of Metro 2033, in which (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Artyom destroys the Dark Ones. A lot of people are now asking which ending of Last Light is ‘canon’, without Dmitry’s Metro 2035 to refer to…” it wrote. “We know. We’re just not telling. Yet.”

The Metro: Last Light Chronicles Pack is available for $4.99 on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network or Steam, and as part of the Metro: Last Light season pass.

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