The Metro: Last Light “Mobius” trailer is a stunning rendition of a single, devastating moment of life in the post-war tunnels of the Moscow Metro.

Life in the mutant-infested tunnels beneath the devastated ruins of Moscow is not pleasant, a point made very clear by this post-release video created by Alexander “Monakh” Bereznyak, originally a capture artist at Metro developer 4A Games who later joined the production team as lead technical artist. But he continued to work on this video alone, and now that it’s complete he’s turned it loose.

The video captures a single moment during a massive attack of mutants on a Metro station. The battle seems to hang in balance; the station appears on the verge of being overrun, but the Rangers are coming. Yet the feeling of hopelessness is palpable. There is no victory here, just delay.

Maybe I get too wrapped up in these things, but this video really knocks my socks off. Bravo to Mr. Bereznyak for his effort and artistry, and for so effectively capturing the bleakness of Metro.

Thanks to Charcharo for the tip.

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