The new Mario has a release date, but what about Nintendo’s Other M?

Earlier today, we learned that Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be joyously triple-jumping onto store shelves in North America on May 23rd, but that wasn’t the only game that got some love at the Nintendo Media Summit 2010. Nor is Galaxy the only lynchpin on which Nintendo is pinning its hopes for the first half of ’10 – Metroid: Other M will be hitting America a month later on June 27th.

Developed by Tecmo’s noted Team Ninja (that is, noted for brilliantly brutal action games and brilliantly bouncy & boobtacular leading ladies), Metroid: Other M has been kept under very tight wraps for most of its development other than a short debut trailer at E3 ’09. More information should be forthcoming today after people get hands-on looks at the Media Summit, but we do know a bit about what we’ll be getting come June.

The game is mainly a third-person side-scroller action game controlled by holding the Wii Remote sideways, but the player will have the option to jump into the first person and control it with the pointer a la Metroid Prime. So, basically it sounds like a hybrid between the old-school and the new-school for the series, which is hardly a bad thing.

Look for more Metroid: Other M info out of today’s Nintendo Media Summit and next month’s GDC ’10.

Between Galaxy 2, Other M and the new Zelda, it’s shaping up to be a fairly good year for first-party Wii titles.

(Via Joystiq)

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