Metroidvania RPG Heads to Kickstarter After 7 Years of Development


Alonso Martin is seeking $60,000 to help finish his long-in-development game Heart Forth, Alicia.

Seven years is not a short period of time. In fact, just take a moment to reflect on the last seven years of your life and consider all you’ve experienced and changes you’ve undergone. Now imagine, in the midst of all of that, that you’ve been working tirelessly to finish a dream project that, for lack of time and resources, has had its progress restricted to a snail’s pace. Frankly, it would frustrate the hell out of me.

That in mind, I have some sincere sympathy for Alonso Martin, the man behind the recently launched Kickstarter for the Metroidvania RPG Heart Forth, Alicia. For the better part of a decade Martin has been working on the game, using his free time to try and complete a project that, just from appearance alone, looks like it would have been considerable even for a larger team.

Recognizing that it’ll probably take him years more before he gets close to finishing it, Martin is asking gamers to give him $60,000 so that he can hire more people to help move its development along at a faster clip. “Without outside support I’d have to get a part-time job to cover my living costs, and it’d take me a few more years to finish the game,” said Martin on his Kickstarter page. “Kickstarter is basically the only viable option, and it’s a really good one if we can make it happen.”

Nothing’s for certain, of course, but just looking at Heart Forth, Alicia I’m pretty sure it has the legs needed to cross the finish line. I suppose that could just be my love of gorgeous pixel art, retro throwbacks and sidescrolling RPGs talking but, then again, the game has already garnered more than 1,100 supporters and, as of this article’s publication, is more than halfway to its goal with 29 days left in its campaign. Methinks this one’s going to make it.

Source: Kickstarter

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