Ubisoft has reached into the depths of evil to protect Michael Jackson: The Experience from portable piracy.

If you watched the World Cup (the world’s soccer tournament, just to be clear), you probably already know the horror of the vuvuzela. Ubisoft surely does, and evidently uses the noise emitted from the incredibly annoying object to deter people from pirating Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Nintendo DS.

A vuvuzela is a long plastic horn that emits a buzz which will follow you to your nightmares after hearing it. The “instrument” took over the World Cup in 2010, much to the chagrin of everyone not blowing into one.

According to a video released on YouTube, anybody not playing a legitimate copy of the DS version of The Experience will hear Michael Jackson’s music with no lyrics, and a vuvuzela playing over the beat instead. Believe it or not, a vuvuzela can even destroy a classic like Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

Michael Jackson: The Experience on the DS is said to be similar to Elite Beat Agents, one of the greatest music games ever. The pirated version also doesn’t bring any of the game’s prompts up, making it completely unplayable just to add insult to aural injury.

The fact that a vuvuzela is even programmed into The Experience‘s code is enough for me to know that I’ll never go near it. Game piracy is bad, but not even Cthulhu himself is more frightening than the sound of a vuvuzela. Ubisoft might have gone too far.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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