Micromasters Equals Big Sales!



The punk rock experiment is a success!

MICROMASTERS, the latest debut in Dreamwave’s highly successful TRANSFORMERS line of comics, has proven that being different can still be rewarding in today’s comic market.

“We couldn’t be happier with the reaction to the first issue,” said series writer James McDonough. Happy, yes-but not surprised. “Even though we knew it was risky to apply such a punk sensibility to the Transformers,” added series writer Adam Patyk, “we were confident that both hardcore and casual fans would be receptive to the unique approach.”

It turns out the risk was worth taking, because comic fans have responded by making MICROMASTERS #1 a Top 50 hit! Despite an error, which was responsible for initially incorrect totals, the current tally has helped make MICROMASTERS #1 Dreamwave’s highest-selling book during its release, beating out many established fan-favorite titles from all major publishers.

MICROMASTERS is penciled by Rob Ruffs and written by James McDonough and Adam Patyk, the writing team behind other successes such as Transformers: Generation One, More Than Meets The Eye, Devil May Cry, and the highly anticipated upcoming Transformers/G.I. Joe Vol. 2: Divided Front with art by superstar Pat Lee. Set in the past of the top-selling Transformers: Generation One comic universe, MICROMASTERS tells the tale of a young group of unwilling TRANSFORMERS soldiers who are not only battling each other, but also struggling with their reluctance to pledge allegiance to either of the warring AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON factions.

Issue #2 of this four-part mini-series is available in stores now for only $2.95. MICROMASTERS is just part of the many special events Dreamwave has planned for its yearlong celebration of the TRANSFORMERS’ 20th Anniversary.

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