Microsoft Addresses Fall Xbox Live Update Issues


Indicating that ninety-nine percent of those who installed the Fall Xbox Live update did so without any issues, Microsoft has announced it will work with those whose systems were affected by the update to provide a fix.

The update released earlier this week, according to unsubstantiated claims online, seems to have largely affected those customers who have “modded” their Xbox 360 systems. Customers affected have described the update as having “bricked” their system to the point that the console would not even boot up properly.

The update, which added 1080p support as well as WMV streaming from PCs with Windows Media Player 11, was received by many as a warning shot against the modding community. Today was Microsoft’s first response to the problems, and in a statement the company announced, “We’re working with those affected to get them back up and running, whether that be by providing another console or fixing their existing console. We’re committed to resolving this issue.”

Those experiencing issues with the Fall Update are asked to call technical support at 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

Source: Gamespot

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