Microsoft Annoys People With Lode Runner Pricing Error


The internet is up in arms over a pricing error on the Xbox Live Marketplace release of Lode Runner which let a small number of gamers pick up the game for slighter less money than everyone else.

Lode Runner was originally set to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace at 1200 Microsoft Points, so there was a certain amount of surprise when it showed up at 800 points. Some people apparently thought Microsoft had reconsidered the pricing while others decided to leap in and grab it before anyone had a chance to fix the mistake. Those who thought they were witnessing a kinder, gentler Microsoft were in for disappointment, as within a few hours the company realized its mistake and bumped up the price.

“If you got it at 800 points, you’re lucky,” Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, wrote on his blog. “It looks like there was a pricing error that is being corrected.”

That correction has led to well over 200 follow-up comments so far, most of which fall on the unhappy side of the fence. The 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) price for Lode Runner has never been particularly popular, of course, but when you add into the mix the righteous indignation that comes from knowing that other people got a deal while you missed out, it makes a long day for community manager types.

via: CVG

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