Microsoft Kicks it Old School For April Fools’, With MS-DOS For Windows Phone


“MS-DOS for mobile” takes Windows Phone back to basics.

Well, as its now officially April 1 in America, the April Fools Day jokes from US-based companies have started to roll in. Leading the charge is Microsoft, who is kicking things old school with its “new” MS-DOS port for Windows Phones.

Just like the real MS-DOS, users will navigate around the fake mobile version by typing in DIR to list available apps and using the CD command to enter into directories. Most hilariously of all, the camera.exe opens up a super retro ASCII camera, which you can take totally dope 90’s selfies with.

Probably the best part about this April Fools prank is that while it isn’t quite the forced reboot the video claims it is, the MS-DOS app for Windows is a real thing that you can actually download! Props to Microsoft for actually making the thing.

As a clever little hidden bonus, be sure to type “Win” into the console to take things ever-so-slightly into the future with a port of the classic Windows 3.1.

Source: Microsoft

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