Looks like Microsoft’s going to be bringing everyone’s favorite super space marine out of cryostasis in the near future, according to recent remarks.

Last time we checked in on the Master Chief at the end of Halo 3, he was floating around space having saved the universe again but at the cost of being doomed to float aimlessly through the nether regions of the universe, lost to humanity. “Wake me when you need me,” the Spartan told his trusty AI sidekick Cortana as he stepped into biofreeze. Well, it sounds like Microsoft is going to be waking Master Chief some time in the future, because they need him. To make money.

“I doubt we have seen the last of Master Chief,” Frank O’Connor, Halo franchise director, told USA Today.

Well, that’s not surprising at all. I was hoping they’d leave The M.C. to float through space in dignity for the rest of his existence, but apparently franchise mascots die hard and ODST troops aren’t nearly as iconic as everyone’s favorite Spartan. Whether this means we’ll be seeing him in sequels to Halo 3 or more Halo spinoffs is really anyone’s guess, but Halo fans can rest assured that their messiah will come again.

Now, if only someone would say something about whether or not we’ll ever see Sgt. Johnson again.

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