Microsoft Offers Xbox Live Gold Refunds

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Gamers who purchased an Xbox Live Gold subscription prior to yesterday’s changes to the service can opt for a refund on the unused balance once the changes take effect.

Microsoft announced yesterday that Xbox Live Gold will no longer be required to access Netflix, Hulu and various other streaming apps on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Good news! Unless, of course, you happened to spring for a Gold subscription the day before yesterday in order to get your Netflix fix, in which case you might be feeling just slightly screwed.

But there’s some good news on tap for you, too. Microsoft, apparently foreseeing this particular brand of trouble (or maybe just reacting to it with remarkable speed) will give you your money back if you want it.

“Once the Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates become available in June, Xbox Live Gold members who purchased a paid membership before that day can cancel and receive a pro-rata refund of any unused remaining days between the date of cancellation and the date their paid Gold membership ends,” the Xbox Live Gold Changes FAQ states. “Cancellation and pro-rata refund requests must be made by August 31, 2014 and require six to eight weeks for processing.”

I’d call that a pretty fair handling of the situation, wouldn’t you? Of course, free and trial Gold subscriptions aren’t eligible for a refund, but that’s okay since they didn’t cost anything in the first place. So if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member who’s only in it for the sweet Netflix action, you can apply to get (some of) your money back after the system update goes live in June.

Source: Xbox Live Support

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