Dean Hall’s Ion will drop players into a massively multiplayer universe focused on building gigantic space stations.

Microsoft has announced Ion, a new game from DayZ creator Dean Hall. The game, revealed during Microsoft’s E3 event will be an “emergent narrative” game where players will enter into a massively-multiplayer space setting where they’ll build space stations, struggle to survive and, presumably, compete with one another to do so.

The game will be developed by Hall’s new studio Rocketwerkz and will utilize technology from the company Improbable to help run and facilitate what should ultimately be “a massive interconnected universe.” It will feature “fully simulated environments” that will include things like “power grids, air pressure and heat” that players will need to build and manage. It will be released first on PC and the Xbox One and will be featured as a title in Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox One Game Preview Program.

No specific release date has been provided for Ion, but its trailer has promised that it will be “Coming Soon.”


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