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Microsoft: The “X” Men


Here at The Escapist, we’ve done several issues profiling large companies. These companies were chosen because they have left an indelible mark on the world of gaming. Most of these companies started with the intention of making games, grew into large companies making great games and continue to dominate their respective “specialties” within games. And these companies have found the thing at which they excel and so, have stuck to that, continuing to refine and improve.

This week’s subject is not quite the same. This week’s subject accounts for the Operating System on 85 percent of the computers in this office, accounts for the very program in which this letter is composed, accounts for an amount of revenue similar to the GDP of any number of small countries, and also has a program or two for accounting. And now they account for a large percentage of “stuff” in the game market, whether in the form of their proprietary console or their Game Studios’ creations, or perhaps even recent forays into the world of games press.

Yep, this week we tackle Microsoft. Not literally, you understand; that would be much like a fly ramming into an 18-wheel transport truck, speeding down the highway. But, we do take a high look at the inner-workings of Microsoft, their Game Studios, their Xboxes and their features, and even their “Perception Engineers.” Find these topics and more in this week’s issue of The Escapist. Enjoy!


-Julianne Greer

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