Microsoft to Mount Halo-level Advertising for GTA IV

Microsoft has said it will spare no expense in pushing Grand Theft Auto 4, rivaling the spending on its Halo 3 advertising.

“Our campaign is the same sort of scale as our Halo 3 campaign last year so you can expect to see and hear a lot about GTA IV on Xbox 360 over the coming weeks,” said Stephen McGill, head of gaming for Xbox UK.

“The campaign starts this week with lifestyle press advertising and hits the TV screens this weekend, running through and beyond launch and we’re confident this will help drive awareness of GTA IV and Xbox 360 with a very wide audience.

The hotly anticipated fourth iteration in the controversial series is, unlike Halo 3, not an Xbox 360 exclusive, and will appear on the PlayStation 3 concurrently. However, the 360 version will have additional downloadable content later this year – a fact downplayed by Sony officials as being of marginal significance.

McGill, of course, had a different take:

“Reviews of the game are now coming in and it’s getting a fantastic response, and the press are highlighting how massive the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content will be and how easy and great it is to play multiplayer with friends over Xbox Live,” he said.

The game is due out on April 29th.


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