The Games for Windows guys unleashed a wicked Twitter zing at Activision over Bobby Kotick’s claim that the publisher wants to “aggressively support” efforts to bring “gamer friendly” PCs into the living room.

Microsoft and Activision are a couple of pretty big companies, but that doesn’t mean they’re above throwing out the occasional petty cheap-shot now and then. Take, for instance, the reaction to recent comments by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who told the Financial Times last week that his company plans to “aggressively support” efforts by HP and Dell to connect PCs to televisions in order to break the “walled gardens” created by game consoles.

“Acti supports PC gaming?” came the quick-witted response on the official Games for Windows Twitter blog. “Is it April already?”

Cute and pointed without being overly harsh, but as PC Gamer notes, Activision has put out a very respectable catalog of PC games in the past few years, while Microsoft has done nothing but pay lip service to the platform while Games for Windows Live continues to flounder into embarrassing irrelevance.

Nice zinger, though.

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