Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Director of Product Management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, had some harsh words for Sony’s failure to follow through on its PlayStation 3 promises.

In an interview with Destructoid, Greenberg expressed frustration with “Sony’s promises” that generate interest in the console but fail to come to fruition. He claimed he would “never underestimate” the PlayStation 3 but when asked about Sony’s lineup of big-name release for 2008, he said, “Didn’t Sony promise all of this last year including Home as well?”

“We have been fighting Sony’s promises from the day we entered the market and if you remember at that time it was all about PS2 being an online cybercity with partner announcements from the likes of RealNetworks and AOL,” he continued. “Then three years ago at E3 they showed what PS3 games would supposedly look like with the Killzone 2 video, that we are now learning will ship four years later. That means that we will have shipped Gears of War and Gears of War 2 before they can even get Killzone out the door.”

“Think back to GDC 2007 when Sony promised to leap ahead in online with the Sony Home unveil,” he said. “Here we are two years later and multiple delays for a product that appears to have little to no buzz. Where are the achievements? The friends list across all games? Where is the long-promised video store? Where are all the other products using and networking with their CELL chip? How come Blu-ray did not result in better games? What happened with Sixaxis and rumble? Where is the complete 1080p game library we were promised? If Blu-ray as they said would be such a catalyst to PS3 console sales, then why have PS3 sales over the past couple months not seen any lift since the format victory?”

“The reality is that Xbox 360 is leading this generation with a larger installed base, more than two times the games library, the most exclusives along with the leading online service and community,” he said. “The days of Sony snowing the consumers and the press are over, I think the pressure is now really on them more than ever to deliver on all of these promises.”

Destructoid’s full interview with Greenberg is available here.

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