Microsoft’s Penello: Xbox One Is Built For The Future


Welcome to the Cloud. You know what the Cloud is, right?

There’s just about a month to go before we finally see the new consoles compete head to head, and Microsoft doesn’t want you to forget that its Xbox One is built for the future. To that end, Albert Penello has one or two things to tell you about the Cloud, Kinect and other future-type things. Klaatu barada nikto, and enjoy the show.

Any Xbox One in all the world is yours! Though your neighbor may object if you remove his machine in the dead of night; bonus points if you do it while wearing a black mask and carrying a bag marked ‘swag’. Ever wondered how Skype fits in to your Xbox One world, or what the revamped Kinect can offer you? Wonder no more. But if you were wondering how the rep systems and achievements work, you may want to look at this. Friends list got you confused? Have a look here.

Roll on November 22nd, when all this will be out in the wild and we see how it really works.

Source: VG24/7

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