The Might & Magic franchise returns as a manga-styled DS puzzle RPG that looks quite different from that other puzzle RPG game everyone loves, Puzzle Quest.

If Puzzle Quest has already stolen away countless hours of your life but you’re craving another variety of addictive puzzle-RPG amalgam, you might want to keep your eyes on Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on the DS.

Clash of Heroes is based in the Might & Magic universe, but gives the series a brand-new aesthetic with a “manga-style art design that is perfectly suited to Nintendo DS.” Because the DS is inherently friendly to cartoony manga art, right? Not to complain, though, as the art looks impressive, with nice colorful sprites and some real visual flair, no doubt thanks to developer Capy Games, whose “technicolor rainbow” barf-filled PSN title Critter Crunch debuted yesterday.

Art aside, the game features five quests that will find players alternating between exploration and “turn-based puzzle battles.” Players can “can manage their own hero, customize their army and lead campaigns” and more. Screenshots show armies of troops lined up in rows across the top and bottom DS screens, HP bars and more. I can’t tell exactly how it plays, but a Capy Games rep says that it’s not like Puzzle Quest but “actually something totally different.”

Clash of Heroes will feature a single-player mode as well as a two-player peer-versus-peer multiplayer option. Look for it in August this year.

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