This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Miitopia.

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Remember the Nintendo Wii? After the Nintendo GameCube was the console equivalent of a Chinese gymnast, well crafted and colourfully dressed but painfully undernourished, remember how Nintendo followed it up with something that resembled a UFO cult’s purity testing device and it sold better than mouthwash outside a blowjob factory and everyone was all like “Ooh motion controls are the future of gaming” and I was all like “No, they’ve only attracted a short-term crowd of gimmick-loving trend followers and ultimately the long-term core audience of gaming plays to relax and unwind and not morris dance around the fucking living room.” And then the consoles were all like “Don’t listen to grumpy trousers! Motion controls all round!” Ten years on and the Xbox has had to sheepishly remove its Kinect like a hat at a funeral. The PlayStation Move is relegated to backup Christmas-themed sex toys. And the Wii itself is consigned forever to the leaky trough of consumer history with all its brown gunk encrusted controllers and cheaply made third party hidden object games about Toy Story cast after it. And I’m still exactly where I was but with a slightly nicer chair so looks like I won, hunter duckers. Still, the legacy of the Wii remains with us with every twinge of waggle induced tendonitis and of course the concept of the Mii.

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