Gamecock executive Mike Wilson has responded to John Romero’s personal criticisms.

Doom designer John Romero and game executive Mike Wilson have a lengthy history together, having cooperated at id Software and the now defunct Ion Storm. But after the bitter ending of the latter company, the distant duo have been quick to critique the other in their new ventures.

In a blog post on his website, John Romero charged Wilson with returning to his wild-child ways with his latest venture, Gamecock. Mike Wilson was quick to reliate once he got wind of Romero’s remarks. Wilson wrote a lengthy letter to Kotaku, who published the professional and personal attack against Romero.

Wilson addressed Romero’s concerns point-by-point, starting with Romero’s claims that the Daikatana “Bitch ad” was solely Wilson’s doing.

And while I did think that famous Bitch ad was pretty funny, I’ll remind you that you signed that one too, and I’m fairly certain I wasn’t holding your hand or using a Jedi mind trick on you when you did it. I’ll also remind you that the whole reason for running the teaser ad was that we felt we should be starting to advertise the game since it you said was shipping so soon, for Christmas in 1997. Even though we had nothing but a logo and that signature promise to use for an ad 6 months before you promised Eidos and your partners that Daikatana would be ready to redefine shooters on shelves worldwide.

Next, he explained his pleasant relationship with Gamecock and how he is managing the company.

And please don’t be too concerned for the independent developers I work with… just like with GodGames, and like the deal I struck for you with Eidos, Gamecock owns their IP and is branded above the publisher on everything, and has a great royalty rate. Royalty rates are what you make if you actually make a game that is good and sells. Remember Quake one?

At the message’s close, Wilson slipped in a very direct, personal assault:

I’m also grateful for your concern over my incessant partying, which has somehow led me to be married to the same beautiful woman for 17 years now, while raising two incredible daughters together. You should maybe try the partying, since your unparalleled work ethic and strong character has (just in the time I’ve known you) left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation, even before you flew all the way to Romania for your latest wife. If she’s not still around, let me know, and I’ll see if I can pick another one up for you here in Russia.

Its been great catching up, but I’m off to dinner now with Harry Miller, my best friend and business partner for the past decade (ever had one of those, John?), and our very happy new investor, followed by some crazy partying to keep it real, just for you.

You take care now, and remember just because id, Eidos, and then Midway fired you doesn’t mean you’re not still awesome!

Suck it down,
Your pal Mike

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