Reddit user Maravrin has built a highly detailed Minecraft version of titular ship from Star Trek: Voyager.

You may recall earlier this year when we reported on the completion of an impressive Minecraft project that saw the creation of a 1:6 scale replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, just in case that wasn’t enough to satisfy your inner Trekkie, we happily present you a full scale version of the USS Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager.

Built by Reddit user Maravrin, this replica of the Voyager was built using the complete deck plans for the fictional star ship. In turn, visitors to the ship (he posted download links for the project) should be able to find pretty much everything the ship was supposed to have had on the show. We haven’t take an up-close-and-personal look ourselves, but we have watched a corresponding YouTube video that shows off the project during its various stages of completion, as well as highlighting several of the important areas aboard the ship.

According to Maravrin the project took a “little over two years” to complete, and while they aren’t opposed to building more Minecraft replicas in the future, they’ll probably select something “much smaller.” Considering the time and dedication this beast took we can’t blame them. In the mean time, we have no doubt there are more than a few Trek fans eager to take a tour of Maravrin’s Voyager. It might not be real, but it’s probably as close to actual thing as we’re ever going to get.

Source: Reddit via PCGamer

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