Minecraft Developer Cranks Out Quickie Dungeon Crawler


Minecraft mastermind Notch took just 48 hours to whip up Prelude of the Chambered, which you can play for free.

Markus “Notch” Persson, founder of Mojang and famed Minecraft developer, competed in a game-making contest as a surprise entrant last weekend. Called the Ludum Dare, designers were tasked with coding a complete game within 48 hours, using “escape” as the theme. Notch’s result is Prelude of the Chambered.

Imagine the offspring of Minecraft and an old-school “collect items to open doors and progress” romp.

“It’s an action based dungeon crawler with six levels, four boss fights, and plenty of secrets and loot,” Notch said via his blog. “It takes about 20-30 minutes to beat the game, and if you die, you need to start over from the beginning.”

My 15-minute session led to a painful demise at the hands(?) of a floating eyeball orb thing. The game certainly doesn’t do anything unique or revolutionary, but considering the circumstances under which it was crafted, Prelude of the Chambered is an impressive little title.

If you like Notch, Minecraft, or free stuff, check out Prelude.

Source: Notch’s Blog via GameSpy

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