Minecraft Explained Through Accidental Arson

If you still don’t quite understand what Minecraft is, there’s no better way to explain it than by watching a player accidentally burn his house down.

The popularity of Markus Persson’s Minecraft has skyrocketed in recent months after widespread coverage in major gaming publications, and now even a set of Penny Arcade strips are focusing on it. But what the heck is this independent game that began as the project of a single developer? It’s a game where you can accidentally burn your house down.

Sure, this fan-made video might work better as an actual game trailer, but it’s not nearly as funny as watching someone commit an inadvertent act of arson that shows off Minecraft‘s emergent gameplay. When a player was attempting to create a tutorial video on how to “make indefinite fire” in the game, he ended up completely destroying his well-built home.

In the video, the builder is seen traveling through his detailed house and placing a piece of wood into what looks like a stone fireplace, which he then lights on fire. It all goes wrong when that fire somehow spreads through the stone to his wooden walls and nearby bookcase, and it eventually destroys the entire structure.

It doesn’t get much better than when the video’s narrator is stopped mid-sentence when he notices the fire, saying “uh-oh” and hustling to try to put it out with water and later repeatedly smashing the flaming blocks of wood as they quickly multiply.

If we can learn anything from this, it’s that fire should never be played with, whether in real life or in Minecraft. To those who built the entire city of Columbia in the game: Don’t start a fire anytime soon, okay?

Source: Bitmob

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