Minecraft‘s console editions have surpassed sales for PC and Mac versions, bringing the total to 54 million across all platforms.

From its alpha release right to its latest edition, Minecraft was hailed as a breakout successes of PC indie gaming. Even today, the PC version is widely considered superior to its console siblings thanks to limitless world sizes, downloadable resources, and immaculately-crafted custom worlds. According to Mojang’s Patrick Geuder Saga however, Minecraft for PC isn’t quite as unbeatable as it used to be, having finally being surpassed in sales by Minecraft‘s assembled console editions.

“Minecraft console editions together just passed Minecraft for PC/Mac,” Saga wrote on Twitter. “And across all platforms, we’ve sold almost 54 million copies.”

It’s not entirely clear how those 54 million copies break down by platforms at the moment, but the news isn’t surprising. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition had sold over 12 million copies, while the PS3 version was sitting at about 1.5 million. PCs still dominate Minecraft sales as the single biggest platform, but combined console usage is absolutely capable of squashing that figure.

Perhaps more important is that fact that the Minecraft console experience seems to be more successful, despite the relatively smaller worldsizes. Minecraft‘s console editions also provide split-screen multiplayer, which may be a deciding factor among families with several gamers.

Minecraft will also be making its way to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita platforms later this summer, presumably in an attempt to rub the PC’s nose in it.

Source: Twitter, via Gamespot

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