In Minecraft, one player is boldly building what no man has built before, and he needs help.

I always knew that Star Trek‘s Enterprises were big, but never did the true enormity of the ships actually hit me until I saw one recreated in Minecraft. A player named Hal Nicholas has completed a Minecraft framework of the series’ Enterprise-D, and though he didn’t do it totally legit, that doesn’t stop his work from being awesome.

Nicholas’ framework is basically a 1-1 scale model of the actual Enterprise-D if it were a real starship. That makes it pretty gigantic. Nicholas even had to make his model 22% bigger than the original so that Minecraft players could walk around without bumping their heads all the time. It comes complete with docking ports, deflector dish, and space for a Turbolift.

He created his Enterprise by making a model in a separate program and converting it into a Minecraft-compatible format. Each section was then imported into the game. The decks still need to be fleshed out, for which Nicholas hopes to put the creation online so that people can help. As he says, the Enterprise is “fucking enormous,” so he can’t do it by himself.

This Enterprise is actually so large that it will require a bigger-than-standard game depth to put online, so Nicholas still has a few obstacles to overcome. He’s aware that someone might also just try to set it on fire, and is working on his options to reduce griefing. I can tell this that this, along with Bioshock Infinite‘s Columbia, are only the beginning of Minecraft players’ enormous creations.

Source: Reddit

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