The Dead Island trailer doesn’t have quite the same effect when it features characters from Minecraft.

I’ll admit it, the trailer for Dead Island brought a tear to my eye. Seeing a happy family’s life destroyed by the zombie apocalypse is an emotional thing. Nonetheless, watching that same trailer recreated in Minecraft only made me giggle.

What was once a dead, zombie girl in the original work becomes a pixelated group of blocks in Dead Minecraft. It’s not quite as emotionally wrenching to see that flying out of a window, in reversed time, compared to the realistic girl.

I’m sure if Minecraft were real as depicted here, plenty of people would be crying right now. To regular humans though, Dead Minecraft is just a silly spoof.

Still, I think there’s a moment in there, after the father axes a Star Trek red shirt, where he stares into his Minecraft daughter’s eyes and things get a little tender. Perhaps love can exist even in a world where people try to build giant, solid gold phalli on a regular basis.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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