Look at your house, now back to mine. A Minecraft fan parodies the famous Old Spice ad, and it’s somehow still funny.

It seems like old hat now. There’s been a baby boy telling you to look at your own kid and then back at him, and even basketball stars like Caron Butler of the Dallas Mavericks used some CGI magic to sell “Maverick Musk.” Sesame Street did a great job substituting Grover for the strapping Isaiah Mustafa, which Mr. Funk says “won the internet,” but that’s just one of the hundreds of parodies of the original Old Spice commercial now gracing our great World Wide Web. In other words, it’s been done. Despite the un-originality of spoofing a nearly one year old advertisement, a couple of Minecraft fans combined all of the things that makes the original funny with a few references to the indie PC title and, guess what, it still made me laugh.

The production values are bit rough around the edges, but that has mostly to do with Minecraft itself. At first, the voiceover didn’t do it for me (it took awhile to figure out he said “overrated FPS”) but he scores points for “the pickaxe is now diamond!” Just hilarious.

Kudos to Vareide for making this little gem thereby proving that memes can indeed last forever.

Update: As LTK_70 points out below, the script of this parody is ripped off almost wholesale from this NerfNow strip by Josue Pereira. Methinks that Vareide should at least mention that fact on the youtube page and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get permission from the author. At least, that’s what a nice person would do.

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