Minecraft Trailer Builds Excitement for PlayStation Vita Edition


No release date yet for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Minecraft.

Mojang’s blocky sandbox hit Minecraft has sold almost 54 million copies across all platforms. That number is expected to climb this fall when Minecraft editions will be released for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Sony released a trailer on August 13 for the PlayStation Vita edition, highlighting the ability to play online with others. The Vita edition will be packaged with the PlayStation 3 edition, with saves transferrable between both. All three new editions of Minecraft were expected to launch in August, but an official release date has not been announced. All three versions will cost $19.99.

The PlayStation Vita edition will include all the features from the most recent PlayStation 3 edition of Minecraft, and will be available as a cross-buy title. Anyone who purchased Minecraft from the PSN for PlayStation 3 will get the Vita version for free, and new purchases will receive the game on both platforms. Mojang has stated it is working with Sony to allow players who bought physical copies of Minecraft for PS3 to also upgrade. All DLC purchased for the PS3 edition is compatible with the Vita version.

Developer 4J Studios is converting Minecraft for PS Vita, PS4, and Xbox One. 4J Studios previously produced the port for the Xbox 360 edition. The studio has been keeping fans informed of the development on Twitter.

The PS4 version will have significantly larger worlds compared to the PS3 and Vita editions. Players who previously bought the PS3 version will be able to upgrade for $4.99, and can import their worlds into the PS4 edition. Saved games and worlds in the PS4 version are not backward compatible with the PS3 and Vita editions due to technical restrictions on the size of the world, and cross-platform play between the PS4 and the PS3 or Vita editions are not possible. Similarly, those who purchased the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft can upgrade to the Xbox One version for $4.99, import their saves and worlds into the new version, but cross platform play is not supported. Most DLC for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will work when upgraded to the new console versions.

Source: Sony

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