The next update for the Xbox Live Arcade incarnation of Minecraft is imminent, but don’t expect any big new changes.

Dubbed “Update 10,” the next addition to 4J Studios’ port of Mojang’s wildly successful sandbox title fixes a number of issues found in the game, and offers players little else. Have a look at the newly published list of things the update does and does not do:


– Fix for Silver LIVE profiles getting an error message on loading a save.
– Fix for lighting bug causing unlit areas even when light sources were placed in the these areas.
– Fixed slowdown caused by explosions (TNT and Creepers).
– Fixed frame rate slowdown in The End being experienced by some players until the Endercrystals were destroyed.
– Fixed crash when placing lots of Item Frames with Maps inside.
– Fixed collision box issue at the top of Ladders.
– Fixed issues with animals taking damage randomly, or falling through the wooden planks floors.
– Made Dispenser suck water/lava back into an empty bucket.
– Fix for Potion Bottles being launched from a Dispenser.
– Enabled placing Pressure Plates on Nether Fence.
– Fixed an issue with Fire Charges sticking at the edge of the world.
– Change to not be able to place more than the maximum amount of Paintings/Item Frames, rather than removing previously placed ones.
– Stop players from interacting with Item Frames and Paintings when ‘Can Build and Mine’ is disabled.
– Fixed the Custom Skin Animation setting not working.
– Play the correct sound on hitting the Enderdragon.

While this update does nothing to increase the already-sizable amount of content found in Minecraft XBLA, these are important fixes. If you’ve just trained a pack of wolves you don’t want to lose the alpha to that bizarre glitch that was causing animals to fall through the floor of the world.

That said, the XBLA version of Minecraft is still lagging far behind its PC counterpart in terms of what content can be seen in the game. This disparity wasn’t a huge problem when Minecraft was the only game of its kind on Xbox Live, but with the relatively recent release of Terraria – a 2D sandbox title that focuses more on adventuring than haphazard construction projects – Minecraft suddenly has to step up its game to remain the top dog of its subgenre. Especially as the XBLA version of Terraria doesn’t feature size-limited in-game worlds for players to explore as a result of the Xbox 360’s memory limitations, like Minecraft does.

There’s no set date for when Update 10 will be released, but as with all prior Minecraft updates, this thing will be delivered to you absolutely gratis. All you need do is play Minecraft at some point after the Update is live. Modern technology will handle the rest.

Source: 4J Studios

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