Don’t worry about Miracle of Sound running out of ideas; he says that videogames will keep him going for a long time.

As I’ve mentioned before, everyone loves Miracle of Sound, also known as Gavin Dunne, and BioWare is especially keen. Of course, you’d be keen on him too if he’d written a song like “Commander Shepard” about a game that you’d made. To demonstrate this deep affection, BioWare invited Dunne along to Gamescom in Germany, where he sat down with marketing director David Silverman to talk and debut his new song, “Normandy.”

According to Dunne, his rise to fame as a videogame songsmith was more of an organic development than any kind of planned career move. Dunne made his first videogame-themed songs as a way to cheer himself up. He uploaded those songs to the internet, where they proved more than a little popular. After that, Dunne got in touch with The Escapist, and we liked his work enough to give him his own bi-weekly slot on the site. He said that it was hard work keeping up the pace, but that there were so many interesting stories in videogames, he didn’t think he’d run out of inspiration any time soon.

His new song, “Normandy,” is based on Mass Effect 2 – a game that Dunne has played though four times, on all the different difficulty levels. In fact, he’s got some pretty impressive BioWare stats across the board, with multiple playthroughs on the first Mass Effect and both Dragon Age games as well. He said that out of the songs he had written, Normandy was one of his favorites, and it felt good to do a more sombre, serious song from time to time.

You can see the whole interview – and watch the new song – by heading over to BioWare TV. The song will be up on The Escapist on Wednesday, August 24th and you’ll be able to buy it on iTunes and Bandcamp at the end of the month.

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