Missing Doctor Who? Check Out The Series 9 Trailer!


Doctor Who is back this September, so watch the new trailer with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Maisie Williams! Oh, and the Daleks of course.

Doctor Who fans out there may have felt uncertain about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor at first, but he absolutely earned his sonic screwdriver by the end of Series 8. And now that his growing pains are out of the way, we can all start getting excited for Series 9 – helped in no small part by the BBC’s new trailer. Starting this September, Doctor Who will reunite the Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) for a whole new set of time traveling adventures, including a reunion with “Missy” and an episode where Maisie “Arya Stark” Williams guest stars.

The trailer isn’t giving much away in terms of overall plot – but there are a lot of clues. Whoever Williams is playing, she calls the Doctor “old man” and appears to be very familiar with him. Some kind of Dalek city is showcased briefly, as are the Zygons who last appeared in Day of the Doctor. All the while Capaldi lends a narrative voice-over about how he never tires of uncovering new wonders and evils of the universe.

Whovians of all stripes will likely pick over this trailer for details, but we’ll have to wait until Sept. 19, 2015 to see what happens for sure. But what excites me personally is how Capaldi really seems to be growing into his version of the Doctor. And is it just me or does he seem to be channeling a hint of Tom Baker in how he carries himself?

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