Stepping through the monitor glass, I found myself in The Escapist offices last week. The offices are strangely pastoral in feeling, nestled in a sleepy industrial park surrounded by the conifers and kudzu typical of the area. Of course there are videogames and memorabilia around, but the watchful profile of the goddess Themis, at the office’s entrance, sets a pervasive tone of tranquility at odds with the boisterous videogame community for which the internet is known.

That week I found myself overtaken by a profound Hitchcock-ian vertigo, as I attempted to reconcile my life as a virtual member of The Escapist with my new role as an actual editor and contributor. In the days before I flew down to Durham, a full-scale terror descended upon me as I was confronted with the word that’s anathema to the forum participant – accountability. I realized that unlike my previous jobs, which were often exercises in plausible deniability, my work now directly affects an entire community.

My name is now known and my work is up for public consideration. This, I believe, is the point of Issue 162. Because beyond the anonymous memes, unidentifiable mobs and attempts at redefining the online public space, there lies a basic desire to know that someone is listening; to know that someone will eventually take responsibility. The Escapist listened to me and in turn held me responsible – we engaged in a dialogue. I hope you, the community, continue to engage in this dialogue as you both listen and hold accountable the words and actions of me, The Escapist‘s new Acquisitions Editor.

Tom Endo

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