Frederick Brown, who was arrested in June for selling pirated games and mod chips over Craigslist and other online sites, has been sentenced to jail time and a hefty fine.

“We commend the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and CATCH (Computer and Technology High-Tech Response Unit) for their efforts on this case as another example of their strong commitment to combating intellectual property theft,” Entertainment Software Association President Michael Gallagher said at the time of the arrest. “The entertainment software industry will provide whatever support is needed for a successful prosecution and will continue to support law enforcement efforts to reduce game piracy in its many forms.”

Brown was facing 10 counts of felony offenses, including grand theft, computer crime and trafficking in counterfeit products. In August, Brown pleaded guilty to two counts of counterfeit trafficking and today received a one-year sentence, the first 90 days to be spent in prison and the rest in work furlough. He was also given five years probation and a fine of $100,000, and will be required to pay $10,000 in restitution to the ESA.

Police seized over 1,000 pirated game discs during the raid on Brown’s home, along with “numerous” mod chips. Ric Hirsch, Vice-President of Intellectual Property Enforcement at the ESA, said, “Sentences that include jail time send a clear message that violating intellectual property rights is a serious crime with significant consequences and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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