Mod DB, a website dedicated to game modifications of all kinds, is looking for submissions for its Sixth Annual Mod of the Years Awards.

The 2007 Mod of the Year Awards calls itself the “definitive event” of the mod community, showcasing the world’s best game modifications and the teams that create them. The awards recognize the creativity, dedication and hard work of the independent and amateur developers behind videogaming’s most popular mods by way of videos, interactive features, free downloads and consumer voting.

Mod DB is looking for submissions of game mods and conversions to add to its existing database of over 4000 mods. Beginning November 15 and running until December 15, Mod DB users will vote on the best of the bunch, narrowing the entries down to the top 100; these mods will then be subject to a second round of voting that will last until January 15 to determine the prize winners. The 2007 Mod of the Year Awards are being sponsored by the Art Institute Online, the U.S. Navy and Alienware.

Mod DB was first launched in mid-2002, and has since grown to be the large game modification website on the internet for both developers and players. The site is home to 130,000 registered developers and earns over two million unique visitors each month.

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