Modern Total War Not Impossible, Says Creative Assembly


Modern conflicts are on the list of settings Creative Assembly would like to investigate, says lead artist.

The Total War series has spanned the length of breadth of history, from the legions of Rome to the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte, but as yet, any form of warfare more recent than the early 19th century has gone untouched. That may not always be the case, however, as Creative Assembly say that a modern warfare game isn’t out of the question.

Lead designer Jamie Fergusson said that there were different groups at Creative Assembly who wanted to try different things. He said that some people at the company had found the setting of Medieval: Total War and its sequel to be pretty dull, while others didn’t like the 18th century settings of Empire and Napoleon. Lead artist Kevin McDowell chipped in, saying that a modern setting was possible, and was on Creative Assembly’s list, but that it would take longer to develop because it would require so many changes to the usual Total War gameplay in order to work.

McDowell is rather understating the issue. Considering the very different nature of modern conflicts compared to historical battles – there are no huge lines of infantry waiting to charge into each other, for example – a modern Total War would be so different from the rest of the series, it would almost be like a spinoff. That said, it would be interesting to see what Creative Assembly would make of it.

Source: CVG

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