Ready to spend fifteen more dollars for five more Modern Warfare 2 maps?

The second map pack for Modern Warfare 2 is now called the Resurgence pack and is scheduled to release on Xbox Live on June 3. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling recently revealed details of the Resurgence pack’s maps on the Major Nelson podcast. As he said, Activision wants to keep the maps “coming in hot.”

The format remains the same as the Stimulus map pack: two remakes of maps from Modern Warfare and three new maps. The remade maps are going to be “Vacant,” the Russian office complex, and “Strike,” an urban town. Both will be updated with new visuals, atmosphere, and details.

The coolest sounding new map will be “Carnival,” a desolate amusement park. It’ll include a roller coaster, a funhouse, and a castle. Bowling says it’s going to be pretty fun when players are taking fire “from a giant clown mouth.” A second is called “Trailer Park,” a maze-like map with tight corridors. And what trailer park would be complete without a pool and BBQ area? The third and final map is “Fuel,” another wide-open sniper haven located at an oil refinery and warehouse.

Again, the Resurgence pack will only be released on Xbox Live on June 3. Other platforms will have to wait, as they did for the Stimulus pack. Resurgence will be priced at $15 (1200 Microsoft Points), also the same as it was for the Stimulus pack. Though Modern Warfare 2 already has a nice selection of maps, it wouldn’t be surprising if a third map pack pops up before the end of summer as well.

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