Mojang and Humble Bundle Team Up for Charity


The darlings of indie development and distribution have joined forces to create a brand new game for charity.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if it isn’t indiscreet; what are you up to this weekend? I wouldn’t normally ask, see, but this sounds like something you might like: this weekend, Minecraft developer Mojang will spend 60 hours creating a brand new game for charity. Humble Bundle will livestream the whole development process via its website, and we gamers get to decide the game’s genre and setting.

The circus begins at 10 a.m. CET (GMT+1; 4 a.m. EST) on Friday and will continue for the next 60 hours. Anyone who donates during production will, according to Mojang’s blog, receive a copy of the completed game as well as “maybe some other fun things too.”

Additionally, Mojang has set up various “silly” incentives for reaching certain donation counts. It’ll also be running a few staff Q&As and giveaways to make the experience of watching people code as scintillating as it can possibly be.

You can vote on your chosen genre and theme right here; the highest and lowest results from each will be combined to create the game. The possible combinations are frightening (I went for a Shoot ‘Em Up Fantasy game, in the hope of helping create something like Skyrim 2033), and it’s nice to see “Peter Molyneux” recognized as a genre at long last. What would you create in 60 hours if someone told you only that it had to involve Molyneux and “Candyland” as set themes? Ah, fun and charity.

Source: Gamasutra

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